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All dishes come with chicken, pork or tofu. Served with Pad Thai noodle & steamed jasmine rice.


LUNCH (Mon-Fri from 11:00am - 3:30pm) : $11.95

Substitute Beef or Brown Rice - add .50. Substitute Prawn or Squid - 2.00.


DINNER (Weekday Dinner, Sat & Sun all day) : $14.95 (larger portions)

Substitute Beef or Brown Rice - add 1.00. Substitute Prawn or Squid - 3.00.

Combination Special

Sunshine Cashew

Stir fried chicken with celery, onions, bell peppers, cashew nuts, and Thai chili oil sauce.

Showering Rama

Cooked spinach, chicken, topped with special house peanut sauce.

Basil Krapao

Stir fried chicken with fresh Thai chili, onions, jalapeno, bell peppers, garlic, and Thai basil leaves.

Mongolian Chicken

Stir fried chicken with onions, bell peppers, sesame oil sauce topped with crispy rice noodles.

Red Curry

Sliced chicken cooked with red chili paste, basil leaves, coconut milk, basil, and your choice of bamboo shoots, pineapple or pumpkin.

Green Curry

Sliced chicken cooked with green chili paste, eggplant, bell peppers, green beans, and basil.

Garlic Land

Ground fresh garlic with just a touch of white pepper, served with steamed carrots and broccoli.

Panang Curry

Sliced chicken cooked with Panang curry paste, coconut milk, bell peppers, seasoned with Kaffir lime leaves.

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Combination Specials

Masaman Curry

Sliced chicken cooked with Masaman curry paste, coconut milk, peanut, onions, potatoes, and a touch of tamarind.

Mixed Veggie

Stir-fried tofu or meat and mixed vegetables.

Spicy Eggplant

Eggplant cooked with yellow bean paste, fresh Thai chili, basil, and ground chicken.

Chicken Mango Salad

Sliced mango tossed with lime juice, onions, romaini lettuce, cilantro, and peanuts.

Jim's Special

Ground chicken stir-fried with onions, jalapeños, Thai fresh chili, and basil (Add .75 for fried egg).

King Curry

Green beans stir fried with chicken, garlic, chili paste seasoned with Kaffir lime leaves.

Ginger Landing

Chicken stir fried with fresh ginger, celery, onions, straw mushrooms, carrots, and bean sauce.

General Chicken

Crispy chicken, crispy basil leaves, bell peppers, with house special sauce.

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